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We professional

What are our most professional products?

  • Machine press glass, such as glass jar, glass cup, glass mug, glass jug, glass ashtray, shot glass, drinking glass, water glass etc.
  • Glass bottles, containers and jars.
  • Glass finishing: glass painting, glass printing, glass silk screen logo, bronzing, electroplating, flocking, mercury, glass hand painting (drawing glass), glass frosting, glass mosaic, glass sandblasting etc..
  • Aluminum caps for cosmetic jar, cosmetic container, perfume bottles etc..
  • Glass lamp

What does most professional means to the customer? Let us only focus on production features, if you want to know about other advantage of buying from us, please check here ” weilun glass advantage“.

1.For machine press glass:

A.We offer good quality products, esp. on good:

  • Material, material color is crystal. Which make your products looks more valuable.
  • Product finishing: such as excellent fire polishing and other details.
  • We pay attention on to details.

B.Based on above, we offer you reasonable and competitive price, for example: lots of customers who purchase from other country like Thailand, American, and Australian etc. they were starting to shift the business to us.

C.We understand international business and what does customer looking for, we sever the customer like purchaser at home.

2. For glass bottles , containers and jars:

  • a). We have the most advanced tech and production line, which with automatic quality checking system. These are things other factory does not have. Please see below picture shows how it works, if you want to see the production line, please check here, the output is about 30,000pcs/day.
  • b). We have strictly quality control on this, as we reports the quality situation every two hours.
  • c). We do lots of test such as stress test, high low temperature test etc.
  • d). We also have hand make production line, which can help small orders. MOQ: 5,000pcs.

3. For glass finishing:

1. Glass painting:

  • a) We have automatic painting spray production line which is the dust free workshop with air condition, the output per day 20,000-35,000pcs after the production line settled well. MOQ is 50,000pcs.
  • b) We also have hand painting line which is very fixable for small orders, we can make start from 1000 pcs. Output per day per line is 5000pcs-10000pcs.

2. Glass printing, glass silk screen logo, bronzing:

a) The logo print on the glass, adhesion is very strong, it can past many tests. What are the tests please see the next few lines.
3. Electroplating: must dust free, vacuum electroplating. We do lots of work for internal and oversea expensive wine glass with glass finishing.
4. Mercury, glass hand painting (drawing glass), glass mosaic: All these are hand made products, which require a lot of work with low output. We have a team of workers whom had more than 5-8 years’ experience on this.
5. Glass sandblasting, normally other factories use hand to do the sandblasting, the output is low and quality is not stable. We use the automatic sandblasting line, which can handle large orders and small orders, as our sand can be recycling use.

What sort of tests do our glass finishing products can past?

1. Constant temperature water bath test.
2. Alcohol test.
3. Salt fog test.
4. High low temperature test.
5. Insulation resistance test.
6. UV curing test.
7. Tape RCA abrasion test.
8. Vibration durability test.
9. CA PROP 65
10. ROHS
11. FDA
12. LEGB

4. For aluminum caps for cosmetic jar, cosmetic container, perfume bottles etc.

Our factory (Rayen cosmetic factory) are the best aluminum caps manufacturer in China east area.
5. For Glass lamp
Some of the lamp glass we were sourcing from outside and the supplier we are using are Philips lighting supplier, the quality is good, but the price you need to pay a little bit more.

Our available clear glass options are:

1. Glass cup 6. Glass candle holder 11. Glass vase
2. Glass bowl 7. Glass bottle 12. Glass jar
3. Glass lamp 8. Glass jug 13. Glass plate
4. Glass teapot 9. Machine press glass 14. Glass ball/tree
5. Wine glass 10.Hotel glass 15. Machine blow


We are very active and strong in the following finishing on glass:

1. Antique imitation 6. Glass cut 11. Glass decal
2. Glass flocking 7. Glass frosting /etching 12. Glass painting
3. Glass sandblast 8. Glass silk-screen 13. Glass electroplating
4. Glass mosaic 9. Glass bronzing 14. Silk screen
5. Glass drawing 10. Glass printing 15. Mercury glass


Our available active products options are:

1. Aluminum caps 2. Wooden lids 3. Sprayer
4. Cork 5. Box 6. label
7. Metal and tin products 8. Plastic bags 9. Plastic bottles