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bormioli rocco glass pitcher

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bormioli rocco glass pitcher

Product Features

  • bormioli rocco glass pitcher
  • anchor hocking cafe mug
  • glass jug maker

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bormioli rocco glass pitcher,anchor hocking cafe mug,glass jug maker
bormioli rocco glass pitcher

Product Name: bormioli rocco glass pitcher
Product item NO.: bormioli rocco glass pitcher
Description: bormioli rocco glass pitcher is a circularity shape,made by Handmade of high quality product, it can be produced in silver etc.colours ,but usually clients prefer clear color .
A popular simple styel design suitable as a tea glassware for your manager or commercial use at kitchen etc.
Btw we can make your own logo on it as well .

bormioli rocco glass pitcher Detail:

1. Design: simple
2. Quality: High quality with popular simple design .
3. Quantity: Negotiable.
4. Packing details: 35 pcs in a strong carton box .
5. Shape : circularity
6. Material :Glass, bormioli rocco glass pitcher
7.Feature : Eco-Friendly simple
8. Manufacture style : Handmade
9. Place of orgin : shenzhen China
10. Color standard: silver
11. Type : bormioli rocco glass pitcher
12.Application: tea glassware
13. Port of shipping : Yantian or Shekou

Custome size to suit your application are also acceptable

1. Custom-built sampling time : 34-50days
2. Custom-built moulding time : 32-45days
3. Leading time : 36-49days

Btw , now the product is circularity shape clear color with simple design, we can make same as your designed shape ,color,szie etc.and the way of making this product is Handmade ,we might need to change the manufacture method to meet your desgin .
also namorally the sampling time is 34-50days ,moulding time is 32-45days and leading time is 36-49days ,if you are urgently need the goods ,we can do our best to adjust our arrangement in order to meet you desire .Customers are always first,services are always important.
Currently we pack the goods 35 sets per export carton , we also can do your custom packing .

Payment : 40% deposit, balance before shipping .

Suggestions for who will use this and where to use it ?

You can give this bormioli rocco glass pitcher to your manager ,it is sucessful in kitchen .

What else does our company can do ?

For the bormioli rocco glass pitcher ,we are able to provide complete mould making, sampling, and surface processing services . We supply other products as well .

Our available clear glass options are:

1. Glass cup   6. Glass candle holder   11. Glass vase  
2. Glass bowl   7. Glass bottle   12. Glass jar  
3. Glass lamp   8. Glass jug   13. Glass plate  
4. Glass teapot   9. Machine press glass   14. Glass ball/tree  
5. Wine glass   10.Hotel glass   15. Machine blow  


We are very active and strong in the following finishing on glass:

1. Antique imitation   6. Glass cut   11. Glass decal  
2. Glass flocking   7. Glass frosting /etching   12. Glass painting  
3. Glass sandblast   8. Glass silk-screen   13. Glass electroplating  
4. Glass mosaic   9. Glass bronzing   14. Silk screen  
5. Glass drawing   10. Glass printing   15. Mercury glass  


The advantage of using our company :

1. we provide high quality products with competitive pricing, which assist in promoting YOUR Marketing, business, service or event. We have specialized in this field for many years.
2.we have the capability of large order.We also can offer flexible Minimum orders based on product type .
3. We can provide you an end to end service .
4.We provide you a whole set of product ,eg: Aluminium Caps , Glass Products , Glass Processing , Wooden Products , Synthetic Corks , Sprayer/pumps ,etc.

Other client also utilize the following products:

1, impressions pitcher
2, handled glass mug
3, crystal decanter
4, glass beer pitcher
5, glass water jug

At the end we ‘d like to share some news with you :

How to make wine glass ?

“First, the bottle is extracted from one of our furnaces—electric or pot—in which aqueous bottle has been acrimonious to a temperature that ensures bottle assembly with basal flaws (1450—1500). A alarming rod is biconcave into the furnace, and a baby bulk of aqueous bottle is extracted and destroyed into a baby bubble, alleged the close bubble. This balloon (approx. 3cm—10cm in diameter) is the abject for authoritative stemware, tumblers, candleholders, decanters and pitchers. After the close balloon has been blown, it is arrested for flaws, such as baby bubbles, chips, etc., which ability arise in the accomplished artefact later.

•It is again formed into an almost shape. This asperous anatomy is again destroyed into its final appearance in a cast amid beneath ground, which is cooled by circulating water.
More . ”

Please check our homepage to get more products or information .

If you need our e-catalogue or samples please let us know..

If you want to learn more of quality & technology issue ,please vist here.

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