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How to maintain glass

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How to maintain glass ?

How to clear glass ?

The best way to keep healthy is clean the glass every time before use it and after .if you think it is too much trouble ,then at least we should clean it once a day .We can clean it before we go to bed and dry it up . when clean the glass cup ,it is not right if you only clean the top ,the glass wall and the bottom is the necessary place need to clean as well, especially the inside bottom .if you are not clean it every day, it is not healthy ,it is going to have too many dust etc. .
A kind reminder to all the ladies ,that the mouth lip is not only content the chemical, but also very easy to attach the dust virus from the air .when you drinking the bad thing is very easy go into your body ,so the rest of mouth rip left on the glass is necessary thing need to be cleaned up .Clean the glass just by water is not enough ,it is better to clean it with the brusher .moreover ,we should choose the right cleanser and clean it all by water .and you can use the toothpaste, it is very good to clear and also won not damage the glass as well.

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