• Glass bottle packaging

    Glass bottle packaging

    At present, large amounts of paper cups, paper cups and a poor chemical, plastic production vessels filled with the market, society and the use of high cost, difficult to eliminate the waste caused by social consequences, not only waste the limited social resources, at the same time, and increases the economic burden to the consumers. Not environmental protection, not health. We are also difficult to understand of disposable infusion set high prices, increased a burden to patients, but also to the treatment of garbage left a large number of environmental problems, why not in the national policy to encourage, support comes to use glass bottles, limiting the use of disposable plastic and chemical products, paper products, policy.The glass bottle is a special industry. A year and twelve months fifty-two three hundred and sixty-five days a week, every day, every day the red production continuously, glass bottles for the busy work, gave up many holidays, at the expense of the number of days of rest, with great hardships and sweat for the rise, for social progress made due contribution. How many bottles of the engineering and technical personnel, managers, nicknamed themselves “Crazy”, is the glass syndrome patients. A lot of people glass from years of hardships, vowed to give up this job, but, once the fire problems, production appear twists and turns, and proceed without hesitation, press forward with indomitable will, tirelessly fighting in the first line. After many, many years of hard work, we just won a daily glass of auspicious situation today.The glass bottle is a special industry, it is the solid silica mineral melting into one state, and then formed into solid products, its energy specificity, and high added value the value of different metal smelting, and other non-metallic solids by different products, which also energy-consuming way and output are not comparable, society of the several products of energy input and output is put on a par with is not scientific.Glass bottle production process, especially glass packaging industry to digest a large number of glass waste residue, greatly reducing the living garbage generated, make contribution for the society. Therefore, this industry is a waste recycling green industry, environmental protection, the state should give tax to encourage and support.The new era, we should use the concept of innovation, in the new materials, new energy, new equipment, new technology, new product efforts, should be in the energy saving, consumption, reduce product cost, improve product quality, increase the varieties of products under the time, should be in the glass and glass combination of Kung Fu, into the use and appreciation for one, financial and practical value and cultural value to the collection as a whole .

    size are same as the drawing or signed sample .

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