• glass cup is the best drinking ware

    glass cup is the best drinking ware

    Why glass cup is the best drinking ware ?

    Glass, enamel cup, ceramic cup, plastic cup, stainless steel cup, iron, aluminum, paper cup cup cup … … When we go to the mall to buy when various cup, cup will come into our sight, especially those with bright colors, unique shape of the glass is attract sb.’s attention, to pick and choose as cross-stitch work eye.

    To tell you the truth, glass cup is the best drinking ware. glass is transparent good-looking, in all material glass, glass is the most healthy.

    Glass containing no organic chemical substances, when people use a glass of water or other beverage when, do not have to worry about chemical substances will be drink into the stomach, and the glass surface is smooth, easy to clean, so people with a glass of water is the most healthy, most secure.

    For other materials glass, experts questioned. Be riotous with colour glass is very well liked, but actually in the bright pigment is hiding tremendous hidden trouble, when the cup into the boiling water, alkaline or acid high drink, these pigments in the lead and other heavy metals is easily dissolved in the liquid, people drink with chemical liquid, it will harm on human body.

    While the plastic is often add a plasticizer, which contains some toxic chemicals, plastic cup of hot water or boiling water when, poisonous chemical easily diluted into the water, and plastic internal microstructure has many gaps, which hides the dirt. Therefore, experts advise, in the purchase of a plastic cup, must choose to accord with the national standard for edible plastic cup.

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