• glass painting

    Hi ,

    Do you need to print your own logo on the glass or paint any glass jars / bottles ? we are a professional glass finishing company , We do lots of processing on the glass , like :Mercury,Mosaic, printing ,painting ,frost ,etc . Attachment please find our most popular finishing style. It is a small lamp,we can do the finishing on your candle jar or vases etc. This finishing will definitely increasing the value of your products.

    The back ground picture is also our product ,we are very professional on painting ,our painting workshop is dust free ,and also we all use automatic machine to paint, these will guarantee the glass have no dust on the painting and also the paint will be very smooth & even . and of course all the material we are using are environmental protection material. Anyway,if you are interest please reply me and let us talk in detail .

    Thank you very much !

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