• Great cocktails deserve serious (and whimsical) glassware

    Great cocktails deserve serious (and whimsical) glassware,Great affair deserve austere (and whimsical) glassware

    Cocktails accept appear a continued way in the endure few years. You accept age-old Negroni in barrels at Restaurant 1833 in Monterey, and Negroni on tap at Jasper’s in San Francisco. It’s accepted for places now to animate their own alcohol and accomplish bitters. And now that the Mark Leno-sponsored law (SB 32) that allows restaurants to “adulterate” alcohol was active by Governor Brown in September, we’ll be seeing even added artistic cocktails.

    Mescal mi Amate at Wo Hing General Store

    You can absolutely acquaint if a restaurant is serious, however, if the barkeeps activate to boutique flea markets and eBay to acquisition best glasses in which to serve their cocktails.

    To me that’s one of the hallmarks to a absolutely serious, yet fun, full-bore program. Endure night at AQ, for example, I had an absorbing cocktail — the Palanquin ($10), which is a mix of Lillet, auto juice, IPA beer, honey and lavender bitters — served in a bottle that looked like it came beeline out of Ward Cleaver’s liquor chiffonier what with its gold rim and blooming abounding patterns.

    A few weeks earlier, I was captivated by the tall, air-conditioned cocktail at Wo Hing General Store, served in a bottle with what looked like a Mississippi riverboat on the front. It was alleged the Mescal mi Amate ($10), a alloy of strawberry-infused Mescal, lemon, egg white and Angostura Bitters, with a rose-shaped adornment of orange bark on top. Sure, the alcohol was good, but it’s the packaging that makes the alcohol feel appropriate and account the tw0-digit charge.

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