• How to describe glass size ?

    How to describe glass size ?

    Due to some new glass buyers or salers do not know how to describe the glass size ,and because of this people make mistakes very often. So I would like to show you a picture below first :

    How to describe glass size,how to check glass size,how to describe glass dimension ?

    How to describing glass size ?

    From above picture you can see :

    1. D means Max diameter of the wine glass description .

    2. T is Top diameter .

    3. B is bottom diameter .

    4. H is the hight of the glass .

    5. S is the stander hight .

    How to descrbing a normal drinking glass size ?

    1. We describe the top diameter as TD or T Dia. .

    2. We describe the bottom diameter as BD or B Dia. .

    3. H is the hight of the glass .

    Hope above could help you understand a little bit better .

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