• How to identify glass quality ?

    How to identify glass quality ?

    Due to a lot of buyer and saler do not really know how to identify glass quality ,even they purchase or sale a lot .

    Today we are here to share a little of our apinion of how to identify glass quality .

    The first thing is we need a good light environment to see the glass material ,if it is Crystal white .

    Sencondly, we need to check the outside surface ,see if it is smoothy enough .

    Third ,we need to see if there is any air bulb in the glass wall .

    Fourth ,we need to See if the edge been polished smoothy .

    Fifth ,If the glass you are looking is a regular style ,we need to check if the glass base is flat ,you can test it by put the glass on a falt table or others ,then you can see if is stable .

    Sixth, we need to see if the thinckness of the glass are even .

    Seventh, we need to check if the weight are similar .

    Eighth ,we need to check if the size are same as the drawing or signed sample .

    of course the appearance require to check as well ,should be the same as the signed sample or drawing .

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