• Top 7 steps of making your own logo on glass

    Top 7 steps of making your own logos on glass

    Nowdays people are very good at decorating own home ,and they all very good at creating new unique things ,for example the glass people use at home , lots of people perfer to have their own logo on it .But color= how to make your own logo on glass ?

    Below are Top 7 steps of making your own logo on glass .

    There are many ways to make your own logo on the glass ,for example :Glass silk screen .

    What is silk screen ? how does it work ?

    Silk screen is a way of making the logo on the glass jar .

    How to silk screen the logo ?

    1. First of all ,we will need to make a film . Which have the pattern /your own logo on the film .
    2. Then put the ink which are suitble for your glass usage on the film. What is glass usage ? for example if the glass is for drinking ware ,then the ink should meed Food standard requirements .
    3. Settle the silk screen machine well ,install the film on the machine ,and put the glass on the mould .
    4. Use the plastic knife to make the ink go through the film ,due to the film have samll hole ,so the ink will come to the glass surface .
    5. Then you will see the pattern wanted /your own logo has been printed on the glass .
    6. Do not hurry ,it is not done yet .We will need to check the logo requirements . if it requires never off ,even you use the knife to cut it or use the washing machine to wash it ,maybe even wash it in hot water many hours . Then we will need to put them into high temperature oven to heat it ,some require 30mins ,1-2 hours .it depends on the temperature you settle and the ink specification,usually it is about 500 degrees . If you do not have any requirements on the glass logo ,then we can just put it aside 4-6 hours or 1 day , after it dry ,it is done .
    7. After heat it ,we will need to let the temperature down slowly till the glass cool . take it out then it is well done .
    But Remember never heat it or cool down quickly ,as it might course the glass jar broken .

    Have you learned something after read the Top 7 steps of making your own logo on glass ? I think now you can make your own logo on the glass .

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