• What’s the best way to clean wine glasses

    What’s the best way to clean wine glasses?

    So to speak, that is. I acclaim application agilely bubbling water, behindhand of brand, and thoroughly – repeat, thoroughly – rinsing with water. Some crystal-stemware manufacturers advance a simple douse in a bore abounding with actual hot water, again a brightness with a lint-free cloth. I acquisition that this generally fails the greasy-fingerprint test. Worse, it fails the lipstick-residue test, and, depending on your “crime,” lipstick can acreage you in hotter baptize than fingerprints. Dishwashers, while technically safe for abounding glassware brands, are ambiguous breadth continued stems are anxious and can be annoying over time.

    I ablution by hand, boring and gently, sometimes cupping the basin with one duke (rather than captivation the stem) and sponge-washing with the other. If you clean too agilely while arresting the base, the axis can breach at the anemic point – its alliance with the bowl. Make abiding there’s lots of bubbling baptize in the blot so that it glides easily.

    For adamant lipstick, authority the bottle by the abject at a safe bend over the cascade of a bleared kettle. When the stain breadth fogs up, yield a bolt and clean carefully. Again ablution and rinse. If the lipstick colour fails to bout your wife’s, bake the cloth.

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    I really knew about a lot of this, but having said that, I still thought it was helpful. Excellent post!

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